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The Hybrid Training Model

Hybrid Training is recommended for any level of training with at least 1 year experience with gym-going. 

In our Hybrid Training Model, your goals become a team project. Your coach will work with you to design a training programme specific to your needs and goals using their years of education and experience which they will then work through with you using a mixture of in-person training sessions and self-directed sessions in the gym. Self-directed training (meaning working out on your own in a gym) is an important skill to develop in order to build sustainable habits to achieve and maintain your goals in the long-term and it is a skill which we can help you learn and improve on.

With Hybrid Training, in-person sessions are always available on an as-needed basis. Depending on your needs, this might mean at the start of a new training block you attend an in-person session to receive feedback on your form and learn new movements or it could mean 1 in-person session and 2 self-directed workouts each week. And you will always be able to book additional in-person sessions when you need to - for whenever you need that extra push or guidance.

To discuss your goals in detail, schedule a free no-obligation consultation today.


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